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A Visit To Lake Bosumtwi In The Ashanti Region

A Visit To Lake Bosumtwi In The Ashanti Region


Lake Bosumtwi is the only natural lake in the whole of Ghana and its located in the Ashanti region of Ghana with a vast wide of water occupying about 400 km2 (150 sq mi) of land.

I have actually been to this place before but the first time i was too busy swimming and didnt realize i spent the whole day there without even sight seeing the other glorious places around the lake .

This is my second visit to the lake Bosumtwi in the same year and this time i craved off the feeling of swimming just to get time to discover other places around the lake.

I started off the journey kinda late, exactly 12pm because i was somehow delayed doing other stuff but all together i got to the lake safely around 2pm exactly when there was enough sunshine to roam and enjoy the naturally beautiful lake , first thing i did when i got down was to grab a bottle of refreshing palm wine (*wink**) which was amazingly sweet and oh not to forget the tasteful cheap tilapia which you can get at 10cedis for for 5 big fried pieces .( I really enjoyed those two together )

After having enough view at the lake side i decided to visit the most popular guest Guest houses around the area namely wildwin resort and lake point guest house, i must tell you i was totally impressed by the sight of the vicinity but then again the rains destroyed and limited my discoveries.

I particularly paid more attention to the wildwin resort because it appeared more recreational and had more sight seeings as compared to the lake point guest house but when it comes to sleeping for a weekend i will advise you to go for the lake point guest house.

There are actually 32 villages all situated around the lake and i was only able to visit two villages because the rain decided to end my trip at its own time,maybe another time i will visit the remaining 30. Do make it a point to always check back as i have more exciting places to visit in these few coming days.

Am actually confused as to which place to visit first….is it the Wli waterfalls or the umbrella rock.. well, until then i’m just relaxing here .

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