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5 Less Usual Things To Do In South Africa

5 Less Usual Things To Do In South Africa


If you are looking for something different on your visit to South Africa, then you are in luck. South Africa is amassed with unusual, different and some just crazy things to do and there is something for everyone of all age groups. Here are 5 less usual things to do in South Africa.
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Skyline View of Johannesburg

Many people visit South Africa and head to Cape Town for a superb city scape view of the Mother City. Johannesburg has something that is almost as impressive and not many people know about it. The Carlton Centre in Johannesburg is one of the tallest buildings in Africa and was once a luxury hotel. Today, people can still travel up to the 50thFloor to an impressive observation deck and take in one of the most amazing views in urban South Africa. In its day, the Carlton was the tallest building in Africa,and the view from the top proves it is still trying to say it is.

Dive with Crocs

You have heard of Shark Cage Diving, but have you heard of croc diving?  Yes, it is possible, and Just outside Paarl, WesternCape isone of the most unusual tourist attractions in South Africa. Here you will find one of the few places in the world where you can cage dive with real, hungry crocodiles. This is a tour that few people will know about and perhaps fewer will be brave enough to try.  The experience is 100% safe and will set the pulse racing. All the equipment you need to get up close to the feared Nile Crocodiles is provided,and a full safety briefing ensures you won’t get chomped.

Cango Caves

Just outside Oudtshoorn, Western Cape is one of the most impressive cave formations in the world. A popular tourist attraction since the 1800s the caves were becoming vandalised by tourists until the first ever Caves Regulations were published in 1820.  Today the impressive underground chambers show off some of the best examples of stalactites and stalagmites anywhere in the world. There is a choice of tours to choose from that operate throughout the year. This is a mind-blowing day out for anyone.

Ronnies Sex Shop

This is a must see place in South Africa and is an institution among many South Africans. Ronnie’s Sex Shop is not a sex shop but started out as a humble farmstall in the 1970s opened (and still run) by Ronnie Price. As a joke, the name “Ronnie’s Sex Shop” was painted on the side of the building and what was merely a farm shop soon became one of the most well-known road trip stop-off points anywhere in South Africa.

Cradle of Humankind

Northwest of Johannesburg is one the most important scientific places on earth, the cradle of humankind. At the Maropeng Visitor centre a small museum is open to visitors and a journey back to our creation begins. A visit to the cradle of humankind is an informative, educational and fun day out for people of all ages. The centre and the region is not just one of the must see places in South Africa but is one of the must see places in the whole of Africa.

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