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A Guide And Discovery To the Kenyan Cookery

A Guide And Discovery To the Kenyan Cookery

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Kenya is one African country that is known for offering diversity. From the different cultural practices to its tourist attraction sites, cuisines and more. The fun part about traveling is to experience the diversity in other people’s lifestyles. For that reason; Kenya is more than you bargained for because it offers all you need to feel different in one package.

The one most delightful element about Kenya is the different flavour it offers in its dishes. Kenyan cooking draws its inspirations from the local ethnic dishes and a blend of seasonings from most of the western countries. The influence of the west can be traced back to the colonial period where Kenyans had a long relationship with Arabs, Indians, Europeans and Pakistan’s. Here Kenyan people picked up some of the presentation and cooking methods used today.

Every tribe in Kenya can boast of having a specific dish as their own staple food. The typical Kenyan made cuisines are available in all eateries across the country. From restaurants, clubs, hotels and African themed entertainment venues. Trust me; when you have a taste of these local dishes, you’ll fall in love with each one of them.
The Common Kenyan Cuisines.

Most of the Kenyan dishes are fresh foods from the vast resources available in the country. The Kenyan highlands, Lake Region as well as the Indian Ocean are fertile enough to provide fruits, meat and vegetables used to prepare the dishes.
Besides the domestic meat, you can also get the chance to enjoy some of the safe game meat from ostrich and crocodiles. However, this kind of dish is only served in specialized hotels. For the western dishes like pizza, pasta and fries are available in some of the fast food joints across the country.

Here are the top 5everydayKenyan dishes that you’ll not miss in a Kenyan eatery;
• Nyama Choma; this is the most famous Kenyan dish. If you are planning a trip to Kenya, make sure that you don’t miss out on this delicacy. It will, sure enough, open some new taste buds for you. It includes roasted goat or beef meat made in open air then served with what the Kenyan people call kachumbari (a finely chopped mixture of onions, tomatoes, pepper, lemon, cilantro) and ugali.

• Ugali; this is favourite main dish among the Kenyan people. Often it is accompanied by fish, meat stew, Sukuma wiki, nyamachoma or other leafy vegetables. Ugali features a semi-hard cake that is made from corn or millet flour.

• Sukuma Wiki; this is a dish made from leafy green vegetables. It can be kales or collards. Sukuma wiki is common among the locals as it’s a very affordable meal as well as the foundation of most of the other meals. From its name ‘sukuma wiki’ it usedto imply that this meal stretches the other meals for the rest of the week.

• Biriyani and Pilau; this is a common Swahili dish from the Kenyans around the coastal region. This meal is prepared by rice but a little different in its presentation. Unlike pilau which uses cumin, cinnamon, cardamom and other Indian spices. Biriyani is a different coloured rice that comes with separate biriyani stew. The stew can have either chicken or beef depending on your preference.

• Irio/ Mukimo; this delicacy originates from the Kenyan people in the central part of the country. It features mashed potatoes with corn, peas and beans. This recipe could also have some leafy vegetables like pumpkin leaves, but it all depends on your preference. This meal is often served with any meat stew you like.

Where to enjoy the meals
The Kenyan local dishes are available in every hotel, restaurant, and elaborate buffet since the local dishes are part of the menu offering. If you are into trying some of these ethnic delicacies in Kenya, look out for the local nyamachoma joints in the region. Nyama choma, Ugali and kachumbari are a must eat Kenyan cuisine.

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