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Cape Town Hotels With A  Real Difference

Cape Town Hotels With A Real Difference

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When traveling on business or pleasure your choice of accommodation is an important aspect to consider. Cape Town has a wide variety of exceptional hotels that range from small family run guest houses to large international chains. Here are 4 of the best hotels with a difference.

Grand Daddy Camping

If you are looking to stay somewhere totally  unique then you cannot beat the Grand Daddy Hotel. Positioned in the heart of Cape Town the Grand Daddy is like no other hotel in the city. Yes it has fabulous rooms and suites all fitted to the highest possible standards but what is has is something no other hotel offers.  Many hotels place a bar or restaurant on the roof of their building, a friendly and social place to hang out and take in the stunning city views, the Grand Daddy has a bunch of Airstream Trailers on the roof.

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Seven US Airstream Trailers have found their way to the roof of this city hotel. Each is fully equipped to international hotel standards and each has its own theme and whether it is a winelands, safari or urban look you seek between the trailers you will find it.

The best view in the City of the City

A little outside the City of Cape Town is a hotel, a large 4 star hotel. The Lagoon Beach Hotel sits on the beach and has what is the only uninterrupted view across Table Bay of Table Mountain. Perfectly positioned the hotel is popular because of its view amongst many things but is often missed out because the hotel sits on the outskirts of the city.  The hotel as rooms, suites and even timeshare, a breakfast area and bar lead out to a pool area and there in front of you is the majestic table mountain begging you to sit and watch her as you sip of your glass of Cape Wine. If you want sunsets, then lagoon beach is the place for you. With a full spa and a choice of excellent restaurants close by Lagoon Beach is a hotel that is very much a best kept secret.

Absolute Romance

If you want to show off or show how much you love someone then Pinard on Sea in Blouberg next door to the world famous On the Rocks Restaurant is the place stay. Considered one of the most romantic places to stay Pinard on Sea is a luxury guest house on a private beach with amazing views of Table Mountain. Pinard on Sea is epitomises romance, elegance, chic and luxury with that perfect edge of privacy combined with the beauty only Mother Nature can deliver.

Pinard on Sea easily has the best views in the world, it is a small boutique hotel where attention to detail matters and your stay is the most important thing. No matter what the reason is for staying at Pinard on Sea you will feel truly privileged to have stayed there and romance and happiness will be restored in your life to the full.

For the love of Art

Fourthly and finally the sister hotel to the Grand Daddy is for the art lover. The Daddy Longlegs hotel is quirky, quaint and for some perhaps questionable. Daddy Longlegs is an art lovers dream, a hotel inspired by art to deliver a fresh, friendly and unique place to Stay Daddy Longlegs is very much like staying in a work of art not just an exhibition.  Nestled in on the bustling Long Street Daddy Longlegs is in the centre of Cape Town. A truly amazing place to stay Daddy Longlegs is completely fresh and something like no other hotel in South Africa. Daddy Longlegs is a 13 room art hotel, each room is themed and each theme can and does change. Staying in Daddy Longlegs will be something truly memorable.


While in Cape Town break with the norm, don’t just choose a place to stay because it is a place to sleep or a place to work consider what makes Cape Town what it is and find a hotel such as either of the above or many others that represent this colourful African city.

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