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Fantastic Witches And Where To Find Them- Gambaga Witches Camp Ghana

Fantastic Witches And Where To Find Them- Gambaga Witches Camp Ghana


This might sound fictitious and you will probably be thinking such a place doesn’t exist in any part of the world. This is not a Harry Potter movie scene or some snow white movie script, This is an actual place that exist and can only be found in the northern part of Ghana in west Africa known as the Gambaga witches camp.

The Gambaga witches camp is a small village in the northern part of Ghana that is resident to only people labelled or accused of witchcraft. People who happen to be at this particular place was as a result of witchcraft acts which got them banished from the community in which they lived.

The Gambaga witches camp harbors different people from different communities around the neighboring  surrounding villages .

Before one is identified and thrown into the camp she first goes through a series of pacification and that is shaving off the hair completely and other other things.

What actually baffles me is, witchcraft in Africa is solely related to women  therefore the Gambaga witches camp only houses women and not men . The question is when men are labelled or found out in any witchcraft activities do they go free or only sent somewhere undocumented ? funny right ?

The Gambaga Alleged Witches Camp is one of the oldest settlements in the Northern Region for women who have either been banished by their communities or have voluntarily run away to escape from abuse after being accused of witchcraft.

In the past, the camp was an isolated settlement. Today, it has become part of the Gambaga Township because people have built close to the camp to the extent that a first time visitor may stray into the camp without knowing.

The settlement is largely characterized by a cluster of mud houses with thatch roofs and surrounded by zinc-roofed houses that belong to the townsfolk.

Each compound has at least an old lady staying in it with her children and grandchildren.Over the years, the women have adapted to life at the camp and have found solace in each other.
It is actually difficult for one to describe this place as a settlement for supposed witches. It is serene and peaceful. One could easily fall asleep under the shade provided by the trees as the air blows over one’s body.

Children can be seen playing cheerfully and the old women put aside all their tribulations to share jokes among themselves and their visitors.

A compound house at the camp Each woman at the camp has her own bitter story of how she came to settle in the camp, but the one thing that runs through all these narrations is that each of them suffered abuse from their accusers.

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