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Hotels, Guest houses- Where to Stay When You finally Visit Ghana

Hotels, Guest houses- Where to Stay When You finally Visit Ghana


Ghana offers a very wide range of accommodation options for tourists. Many tourists have different needs or interests when it comes to where to reside during their stay and the country offers unique options for each one. From traditional means of residence like hotels to a more intimate type like living with a family and experiencing the culture, Ghana has it all!


Every region in the country has hotels all over. The majority of them are however in the big cities and towns. Accra, Ghana’s capital has one of the highest number of hotels in an African city. A decent number of them are international chain hotels like Ibis, Kempinski, Golden Tulip, Holiday Inn etc. If you want to stay in a familiar hotel hop on to hotel booking websites and take a look at the various options available. Most hotels in Ghana offer the same perks as are available abroad like free WiFi, free breakfast, swimming pool, laundry services and many more.

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Guest houses (B&B)

In Ghana, bed and breakfast accommodation is mostly referred to as guest houses. These are a often smaller accommodation options and are. Mostly run by a family who sometimes lives within the compound. Guest houses are often cheaper than hotels and most times have more spacious rooms. Similar to motels these types of accommodation are great if you are on a budget or if you want to experience more of Ghana.

Living with a family

Some tourists love to experience the full culture of a country by living with a local family. This option gives you a first hand introduction to the lives of people in Ghana. Air B&B is an easy way to find a family to live with. There are many options to choose from in several towns and cities. Some travel and tour agencies in Ghana also organize more rural accommodation for tourists in villages. Imagine sleeping inside a mud hat and eating from earthenware pots. These experiences are one in a lifetime!

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