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How To Acquire The New Ghanaian Passport In 30 Mins

How To Acquire The New Ghanaian Passport In 30 Mins


Acquiring a passport can be very frustrating and time consuming in Ghana and the government is trying to make its acquisition easier and faster but all that is done is still going round and round the same old system of acquiring the passport.

A supposedly new system of acquiring a passport has been rolled out , dubbed the “premium passport” which can be acquired in the shortest possible time with just 100 cedis through a digital process as they term it  .

The new passport center which is only in Accra and  also the only digital passport center  will use a time frame of 30mins to process the passport and handed to you.

The old system of acquiring the passport will still be used and that is, getting the forms online and filling it . What is yet to be clarified is how the new digital system is going to work concerning the taking of photographs .

The Accra digital passport center main duty is to fill your details digitally so the same old process of acquiring the old passport is still the same way to go . You only have to pay an extra 50 cedis making it 100 cedis to go through the digital system which is supposedly faster  or just pay 50 cedis to go through the manual system which could take close to 8 months to process .

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