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Before You Pack Your Bags To Travel To Ghana Know These Basic Things

Before You Pack Your Bags To Travel To Ghana Know These Basic Things


Ghana is in west Africa and presumably the most peaceful country in the world and it’s the definitely the best peace to visit if you ever have the time.

I am a local and i have been to many parts of the country and from North to south and East to West and anytime i repeat such journeys there is always something new.

Ghanaians as as a matter of fact Africans are friendly in all nature and will always appreciate and welcome foreigners with open arms into their countries .

Here are a few things you should know when coming down to Ghana.


Ghana is divided into 10 regions currently, and each region has its own weather conditions during the rainy or dry season but you can enjoy both depending on how you plan your stay.
The northern part is the part where the sun practically touches the earth’s surface *** haha over exaggeration here** but its also the best place to have the best natural sun bath while seeing animals you have never seen before .
If you are looking for the real African life or how you assumed how African live then it surely is the place to visit.


Ghanaians practically don’t give a hoot about your doings here but they do like greetings so a “hello” is all you need. what they hate is for you to take them for granted . So as a tourist here , feel free, move around and do whatever you want but don’t try to break any laws .


For a country like Ghana consider going for something light which comes in both short and long sleeves a and in case you plan on climbing the highest mountain in the country then you will definitely need a sweater gear and some head gear to push down the cold .
For a popular attire that can fit into both male and female consider the DANSHIKI as it a well know dress for foreigners when down here .
Also pay attention to where you are so your dressing might not provoke any group of people around you, just keep your dressing simple after all you are not going for a night club.


Before traveling or making a decision to take that first move make sure to find out if there is an outbreak of any disease and if you might need a shot.
Unlike other few countries in Africa, Ghana is one of the countries you hardly hear about any outbreak of any disease so traveling to Ghana is definitely a safe trip but yet still inquire about shots before you drop in .

And for a bonus add up on this , most travelers have the notion that if you are going too another country you need to take your food , coffee ,water bottles and all sought of other things, i totally see this as unnecessary and a heavy burden on you unless you are on medication which you have no choice but to comply but if you have a choice then ignore all what these people are telling you go with .
Whats the point of traveling to another country when you cant even learn nor taste their food ,the whole idea about traveling is to learn other people’s culture and of course to taste their foods and enjoy their living . If you try isolating yourself you will end up regretting the whole journey.

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