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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Chale Wote Street Festival 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Chale Wote Street Festival 2017


Before  excitement runs my mind to forgetfulness let me give you a brief description of Chale Wote, the most attended and interesting festival in Ghana and West Africa as a whole.

The CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival is an alternative platform that brings art, music, dance and performance out into the streets. The community-based festival takes place in James Town – one of Accra’s most historic communities – and targets exchanges between scores of Ghana-based and international artists creating and appreciating art together.

Over the last six years, CHALE WOTE has completely transformed the city of Accra into the cultural production hub of West Africa. By engaging artists within the city, the festival has given Accra a facelift, revealing interconnected collectives working in multidisciplinary practices that form the pulse of CHALE WOTE.

I have never been to this festival since its inception and this will be my first time hence the over excitement, Chale Wote festival will take off from the 14th to  21st August in James town-Accra Ghana and the them for this years festival is “Wata Mata” (West African Pidgin for “Water Matter ).

ABout Wata Mata

Wata Mata is the final installment in a CHALE WOTE trilogy that began with African Electronics, a blueprint for plugging into indigenous technologies to create the impossible and open up new spaces of social consciousness. Spirit Robot, a universal TRANSmitter of radical reconstruction, spread these electric pathways of knowledge into different directions, linking with global diasporas practicing and creating art about African liberation. More and more, we are compelled to turn to ourselves, to adapt and innovate our own systems to thrive. Wata Mata is where this work happens – in an endless space of form-making.

Wata is about the seen and unseen – it’s an all access dream machine and maker of regenerative knowledge systems. Wata Mata is a memory incubator that reanimates our bodies against coerced amnesias about who we are and what we are capable of manifesting. In 2017, we refashion the ghost limbs of history into new extensions of being.

Wata Mata is our creator’s manifesto – the key to persistently evolve and space-shift into cosmograms of freedom.

This year’s festival is going to be super crazy and you shouldn’t miss this for anything in the world unless you are having appointed for a heart surgery.LOL

check out pictures from previous festivals and do leave your comments below if you will make it, we might just meet for a beer or two.

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