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The Long Break Is Over- We discover Africa is back

The Long Break Is Over- We discover Africa is back


Hello wanderers and discoverers , this space has been sought of abandoned  over seven months now due to some educational shift that somehow took over my time and paused the operation of this blog .

The love for travels and seeing nature while providing information for tourist or nature lovers has always been the focus of this blog  and for the urge it was needed to start operation again.

The absence here  has caused a lot of traveling cancelling but has also given me much time to learn and improve this travel portal and that is to give much more useful content and provide education or resources to people looking for such.

In the coming few months will start providing aid to visa acquisition and also to partner with hotels to give out rooms at discount  prices to people who use this medium .

Meanwhile in the meantime the travels, festivals, wildlife and the parties with other cultural bodies continues . Its finally good to be back again !!!!

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Lets do this together and discover the best places in Ghana and beyond. I am a foodie and once a vegan but i gave up on the vegan life because i couldn't do with beer without meat. Wanna discover Ghana too? then send me a mail and lets do this !!!!

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