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A Total Stranger In My Very Own Country Ghana, Dont Let This Happen To You

A Total Stranger In My Very Own Country Ghana, Dont Let This Happen To You


I have never felt in my entire life that i could ever feel lost and so lonely in my own country, Ghana especially with the kind of person i am.

In preparations towards the chale wote festival dubbed “WATA MATA” i packed all necessary things and set off from Kumasi hoping to arrive in Accra and enjoy the ever fun activities of this creative festival, I left kumasi at exactly 6am and got to Accra at 10:40 am on monday morning .

I have families and friends staying in Accra but i have made a promise to myself never to inconvenience someone in his or her home so to avoid this i searched for the nearest hotel around Jamestown which could give a few minutes to the center of the event…After a couple of checks around Jamestown i finally got a decent one which cost me 90 cedis per night which i booked for the week .

I settled in and had a rest and then took to town to enjoy the chale wote festival but as the saying goes never be too early to the party, i was disappointed to realize the chale wote festival which was made known to the public that it will run throughout the week only had his main and interesting events at the last two days which is Saturday and Sunday .

So there i was,cursing myself why i had to come this early and waste this amount of money on rent when i could have stayed home and waited for the last two days .

Tip Toeing back to the hotel with disappointed in my face i decided to take a long walk around the place and get used to the area if i decided to stay around for the event but every step i took just made me more lonely lonelier and i wish i hadnt had come.

For almost an hour walk around the beach, nothing interesting ever happened until around 5pm when the fishermen were coming ashore. It was interesting watching them park their boats and dive back into the sea..i got immediately bored since i have seen this a countless times,

I have been to Accra for other things but this is my first time coming here mainly because of the chale wote festival and other sight seeing places and i believe my over excitement about the festival is limiting me to get a full thrill of the place and see it as it is .

I have been in my room for the past two days doing nothing but sleeping and watching movies  but i have decided to go and find places i really enjoy after i am done with this article. I cannot be a total stranger in my own country!!!!!



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