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What To Do And Where To Go When In South Africa

What To Do And Where To Go When In South Africa


South Africa can be found in the southern part of Africa. The country offers a great introduction to the many wonders of the Dark Continent. There are literally thousands of places that you can go to visit in South Africa.
It also has a vast ocean and beach that makes it the ideal place to have that vacay you’ve been Above all, the country harbours some of the finest wildlife on the planet. Here are interesting facts about South Africa:

Cape Town City
One of the most breathtaking places that you can visit in South Africa is Cape Town. The town has the second largest population in the Country. Nature surrounds this amazing town giving it a spectacular aerial view that’s to die for.
If you are a fan of Hiking, then you can take a hike up Lion’s head to get a clear aerial view of the city. I promise you that you will remember what you see for the rest of your life.
You can also stroll along the waterfront boardwalk and you might get the chance to see whales. The town offers the best place to relax and enjoy the cool water breezes. If you are a deep-sea diver, then Cape Town is the best place to be.

Kalahari Park
Kalahari Gemsbok National Park is one of the largest wilderness areas in the world. This park lies in the remote region of South Africa’s Northern Cape. Some of the features in this park include Carmel thorn trees, golden grasslands, red sands, blue skies which provide the best backdrop for photography.
This area is also famous because of the black-manned lion. It’s a predator that hunts the deep forest and you might be lucky to come across one of these beasts. Other predators in the Kalahari include cheetah, leopard and hyenas.
That is why if you are planning to take a stroll through this park, it’s highly recommended that you use a four-wheeled vehicle. Otherwise, you might risk being on the dinner table of one of these predators.

Cage Dive with the Great White Sharks
If you love the rush of adrenaline, then this is the best place for you to go to South Africa. Climb into a thick cage and come face to face with the most feared predator in the waters, the Great Shark. It’s actually one of the major tourist attractions for thrill-seekers in South Africa.
More to that, the sport has become so popular that every year people keep coming to South Africa in search of this great place. The best times to dive into the waters is usually between the months of April to October.

South African Cuisines
If you ever decide to set foot on South Africa, don’t forget to try their delicious foods. Take a bite through their al fresco braai dish to get a taste of the cultural experience in the country. Then you can follow it up with a melkert which is basically custard-filled pastry. And then, if you are in the mood for a snifter, then you can taste a sweet and creamy glass of Amarula (liqueur).

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