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Why Most Tourists Are Avoiding Accra And visiting Other Regions

Why Most Tourists Are Avoiding Accra And visiting Other Regions


If you are thinking of Visiting Ghana,avoiding the capital Accra around this season will be the best decision you’ve ever made .

The capital city of Ghana is undoubtedly the best city in Ghana yet it is the most dreadful and most uncomfortable place to visit during this season . In as much the capital has evolved over the years , it is still at its deplorable state as it was 20 years ago . Below are the basic reasons why tourists are avoiding Accra this season and why you should also take the same decision.

Massive Traffic Jam at any point in Time.

Accra is choked up with so many people that it will take you 4 good hours to complete  a simple journey that could have taken you 30 minutes to reach your destination in other cities. This has made movement in the city very tiring and uncomfortable , a reason why people from elsewhere who have visited the city never makes a second trip back during that time of the season.

Ridiculously high Accommodation Charges For A Crowded Place.

For a place to be crowded this much, it is expected to have its accommodation reduced to ashes but since it is the capital, accommodation has become one expensive thing to afford . Tourists who live on the budget definitely wont get a choice of accommodation they prefer in Accra.

The cost of accommodation has contributed significantly to people leaving the capital for other  regions .

Easily Floods when It Rains.

The capita city Accra is the most easily flooded city when it rains, Its drainage system and how its crowded makes it easy for even the slightest drop of rain to affect the area, due this this inexcusable and never ending problem, Accra has lost its beauty and only posing as a trap for people when it rains .

These are few among the numerous  reason why Accra shouldn’t be your place to visit around this time of the year


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